The New Normal – Online Escapes – Disney

I know, I know, I’m an adult who should know better than to indulge in the escapism of Disney but I just can’t bring myself to stop, especially given the current circumstances. There is something so calming and reassuring about Disney (even given the company’s chequered past, present and possibly future) that I just can’t … More The New Normal – Online Escapes – Disney

October Favourites!

This month the cold weather has brought out the hibernating hedgehog in me and I’ve been really enjoying some classic cosy treats. I’ve put them all in my newest favourites video on my YouTube channel and thought I’d provide a few further details here! Winter Boots, Lush – Snow Fairy, Book – Boy Snow Girl, … More October Favourites!

Zoella Meet Up!

Fellow blogger Bobbi Grae and I were lucky enough to win tickets to go to a Zoella Meet Up at a Brandcast event in London. The location and timings were all kept very hush hush and we ended up venturing to Battersea along with around 100 others to meet Zoella at what turned out to … More Zoella Meet Up!

Oily Skincare

I thought I’d blog about my current skincare routine, which uses a combination of products that I’ve found to be most effective in managing my acne prone skin! I’ve put this together in a YouTube video to give you a good idea of what I use and in what order. These products are tried and … More Oily Skincare

Zoella Beauty

This weekend I indulged a little and ordered the Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar, Beauty Bag and Scented Candle. When I first heard of Zoella’s pamper range I wasn’t too fussed but there’s something about the packaging, the product names and the actual products themselves that intrigued me! They collectively look adorable, with a unifying coral and polka dot … More Zoella Beauty

Feminism Is My Jam Tag

As a subscriber of Five Awesome Girls back in the day, I am a loyal fan of Kristina Horner and I’ve really enjoyed her content over the last couple of months. Last week Kristina uploaded a video entitled the ‘Feminism Is My Jam’ tag, in collaboration with Feminist Apparel, who makes brilliant and hilarious feminist … More Feminism Is My Jam Tag

September Favourites!

Okay so to go along with my shockingly poor quality YouTube video (I’m working on it, I promise), I thought I’d get back in the swing of things with my September Favourites! 1. Amber Romance – Victoria’s Secret This fragrance is completely scrummy and just lovely for this time of year when the leaves are … More September Favourites!