Theatre: Dear J.K. Rowling…

Dear J.K. Rowling, Like millions of others of my generation and beyond, Harry Potter was a crucial part of my childhood, and continues to be an important aspect in my adult life. So, as the fans gear up for The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, I found myself asking if I … More Theatre: Dear J.K. Rowling…

West End Live

Each year since about 2008 I’ve ventured up to London (in those days it was Leicester Square) to sing and cheer along with the stars of the West End stage for West End Live. The event has grown year by year and is now almost unrecognisable from the relatively small crowd that once gathered in … More West End Live

Top Hat: Review

As the orchestra began the overture of Top Hat at The Churchill Theatre last night, the packed audience knew we were in for a treat of lush sounds, filled with melodies we know and some that a deep recess of our brain recognises. The huge art deco set loomed over The Churchill’s impressive auditorium, instantly … More Top Hat: Review

I Can’t Really Explain It, I Haven’t Got The Words : Billy Elliot

Last night, thanks to Official Theatre, I saw Billy Elliot in London’s West End for the first time in probably seven or eight years. This spectacular show is now in its tenth year at the Victoria Palace Theatre. It’s hard not to fall in love with Billy, Michael and the rest of Mrs Wilkinson’s ballet … More I Can’t Really Explain It, I Haven’t Got The Words : Billy Elliot