LUSH: Summer Skin

As a heatwave slowly melts Britain this week I thought it was the ideal time to share with you some of my favourite summer skincare products! Some for the bath, some makeup and all for those sunny summer days when you just don’t want to be inside. I have fair skin, freckles and all, so … More LUSH: Summer Skin

Makeup Monday

Urban Decay – Naked Basics I thought I’d start a little Monday blog of my absolute favourite makeup products. Having sensitive and fair skin it can take me quite a while to find a product I absolutely love, so I thought I’d share them here! This week I have indulged in Urban Decay’s Naked Basics … More Makeup Monday

Oily Skin Routine

As fancy and fabulous as some products can sound, we can’t really afford to be spending lots of money on one off treatments, so what are the constant staples of my skincare routine? Oily and spot prone skin is almost always very sensitive, largely as a result of all the chemicals used on it, so … More Oily Skin Routine