Lush: Cup O’ Coffee Face Mask

Lush has been rolling out some of the Oxford Street Exclusive products in the regional stores so when I visited my local Lush I had to try out some of the newbies on the shelves! My first pick was the face mask Cup O’ Coffee which promised to exfoliate and rejuvenate my skin which sounds … More Lush: Cup O’ Coffee Face Mask

LUSH: Beach Babes

Whilst at the Lush Bromley Summer Bloggers Event we looked at some suggested products for battling the frizz and sunshine whilst on a beach break this summer. With this little collection you should be able to keep that beach holiday feeling whether at home or abroad, whilst keeping your skin soft, sweet smelling and crucially … More LUSH: Beach Babes

January Favourites!

After the sparkle of Christmas, January can be a bit of a slog, but I’m quite lucky in that my birthday falls in January meaning a little windfall of presents brightens up the new year! My favourites of this month are a few things that have added some much needed sparkle to the washout that … More January Favourites!

Primers and Pimples

The constantly read blogs on here are those about dealing with acne and acne scarring, so I thought I’d do another along those lines! Primers are huge within the beauty market right now, they sell themselves as smoothing the skin and retaining the pigmentation of your foundation and concealer better, thus elongating the life of … More Primers and Pimples

Spring From A Height

It seems as though the most elusive season has finally arrived. With temperatures up to 22 degrees in South East England yesterday, it looks as though we can finally say that yes, spring is here. With the arrival of spring, is the arrival of bare legs, floaty dresses and colourful make up. All very well, … More Spring From A Height