Oily Skin Routine

As fancy and fabulous as some products can sound, we can’t really afford to be spending lots of money on one off treatments, so what are the constant staples of my skincare routine? Oily and spot prone skin is almost always very sensitive, largely as a result of all the chemicals used on it, so … More Oily Skin Routine

Date London: Theatre

Having recently come top of the list of the world most expensive cities to live in, London can be one of the most intimidating places to find yourself (and your bank balance). However, whether a resident, commuter or tourist, there are ways to court London, to woo it, into providing you with some affordable treats. … More Date London: Theatre

Easy Cake Pops Recipe!

These super easy cake pops look adorable, are really yummy and make great snacks, treats and presents. I had to have a go at making them after seeing hundreds of pictures on Pinterest. Ingredients: 1 Cake/Cake Mix (I used Betty Crocker‘s Devil’s Food Cake Mix) Frosting (Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge) Chocolate – we ended up … More Easy Cake Pops Recipe!

Feminism from on High

Girls the world over force their feet into heels come Friday night, desperately seeking the glamour and sophistication so often associated with wearing stilettos. Do we really need to be doing this to ourselves? And, more appropriately for me, where do tall girls stand when it comes to heels? The feminist in me argues that … More Feminism from on High