Seven Ways To Use That ‘Back To School’ Feeling As An Adult

It may be years, even decades, since September last meant the return to education for you, but given that the formative years of our life revolve around this month being a sign of new beginnings it’s no wonder we hold onto that Back to School feeling well into adulthood. Recently I asked generally to a … More Seven Ways To Use That ‘Back To School’ Feeling As An Adult

Travel Tuesday: Hamburg’s Miniature Wonderland

Each city has its own quirky tourist attraction, away from the sight seeing and shopping there’s always something to entrap the travellers. In Hamburg this is the Miniature Wonderland; an entire world (almost) built in perfect miniature. Whilst that might not appeal to you immediately (I had my doubts too) as soon as I stepped … More Travel Tuesday: Hamburg’s Miniature Wonderland

Oily Skincare

I thought I’d blog about my current skincare routine, which uses a combination of products that I’ve found to be most effective in managing my acne prone skin! I’ve put this together in a YouTube video to give you a good idea of what I use and in what order. These products are tried and … More Oily Skincare

Zoella Beauty

This weekend I indulged a little and ordered the Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar, Beauty Bag and Scented Candle. When I first heard of Zoella’s pamper range I wasn’t too fussed but there’s something about the packaging, the product names and the actual products themselves that intrigued me! They collectively look adorable, with a unifying coral and polka dot … More Zoella Beauty