Her, Hermione & Me | 20 Years of Harry Potter

  “The truth is that you don’t think a girl would have been clever enough!” Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Everybody holds dear to them a character they encountered as a child who they connected with and for millions of people, the Potter generation, that character was Hermione Jean Granger and her creator, … More Her, Hermione & Me | 20 Years of Harry Potter

A Bit Less Page 3

In what might be one of the smartest PR moves this year, The Sun have seemingly waved goodbye to the topless female models that for over four decades have been the most notable content of page three. With little fuss or fanfare, the paper has begun showing images of women in underwear, or swimsuits. No … More A Bit Less Page 3

Feminism Is My Jam Tag

As a subscriber of Five Awesome Girls back in the day, I am a loyal fan of Kristina Horner and I’ve really enjoyed her content over the last couple of months. Last week Kristina uploaded a video entitled the ‘Feminism Is My Jam’ tag, in collaboration with Feminist Apparel, who makes brilliant and hilarious feminist … More Feminism Is My Jam Tag


Like hundreds of thousands of others I was fooled by an undoubtedly clever, but nevertheless cruel, marketing campaign that was threatening to release pictures of Emma Watson following her HeForShe campaign speech at the UN. My blog post on this can be read here. The fact that this threat was an advertising stunt does not … More Tricked

Emma and Equality

As if to perfectly demonstrate the point, various so called ‘hackers’ are threatening to release nude pictures of Emma Watson, following her incredible speech at the UN. The speech made by Emma, encouraging support for the HeforShe campaign was truly magnificent. It identified so many of the problems modern feminism faces, and invites men to … More Emma and Equality

Happy Days A New Musical – Interview with Producer Amy Anzel

If you’ve been watching Channel 4’s The Sound of Musicals you will be familiar with the bright eyes and bubbly personality of Amy Anzel, slogging her guts out to get Happy Days- A New Musical on stage in the UK. If you haven’t been watching The Sound of Musicals then I recommend catching up on … More Happy Days A New Musical – Interview with Producer Amy Anzel