Oily Skincare

I thought I’d blog about my current skincare routine, which uses a combination of products that I’ve found to be most effective in managing my acne prone skin! I’ve put this together in a YouTube video to give you a good idea of what I use and in what order. These products are tried and … More Oily Skincare

Spotty Sunday | Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask Review

Since these posts are always the most read, I’ve decided to dedicate Sundays to spots! Disgusting as it sounds, there are plenty of products, medicines and lifestyle options out there that promise to cure you of bad skin, so I will be putting them to the test, so you don’t have to! Although it is … More Spotty Sunday | Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask Review

Primers and Pimples

The constantly read blogs on here are those about dealing with acne and acne scarring, so I thought I’d do another along those lines! Primers are huge within the beauty market right now, they sell themselves as smoothing the skin and retaining the pigmentation of your foundation and concealer better, thus elongating the life of … More Primers and Pimples