Travel | Exploring Düsseldorf, Germany (Part 1)

The beauty of being part of Europe is how easily and relatively quickly we can visit and experience lots of different cities. My latest city break adventure was to the beautiful Düsseldorf, which straddles the Rhine River in western Germany. I was there visiting a friend, which is always one of the best ways to … More Travel | Exploring Düsseldorf, Germany (Part 1)

Travel Tuesday: Hamburg’s Miniature Wonderland

Each city has its own quirky tourist attraction, away from the sight seeing and shopping there’s always something to entrap the travellers. In Hamburg this is the Miniature Wonderland; an entire world (almost) built in perfect miniature. Whilst that might not appeal to you immediately (I had my doubts too) as soon as I stepped … More Travel Tuesday: Hamburg’s Miniature Wonderland