Autumn: Pumpkin Picking

I shouldn’t complain about a swelteringly hot summer, but I’m British and therefore complaining about the weather is a national sport. Therefore, the sight of the weather forecast not hitting above 14 degrees was the sure sign that iced lattes and beach reads should be replaced by hot chocolates and fantasy novels, then scarves and … More Autumn: Pumpkin Picking

Queen Mary 2 – Food

If there’s one thing that cruise ships know how to do well, it’s food. The Queen Mary 2 is no exception, with a whole array of restaurants, buffets and afternoon tea available to guests. With silver service in the restaurants, you can’t fail to feel incredibly lucky to be eating such delicious foods. Breakfast is … More Queen Mary 2 – Food

Menu: Cannoli Cups

This is my little easy spin on a classic Sicilian cannoli. It’s a complete cheat but works quite nicely as a dessert and with a little added cinnamon you get a lovely festive flavour. This recipe does about 8 cannoli style cups which seem to be roughly the right size for a sweet and light … More Menu: Cannoli Cups