Christmas Reads

I love a good trashy novel. One that is shamelessly romantic; has little to no profound life affirming message within it and is just a great read for the train, plane or automobile you might find yourself travelling in. This time of year is great for those books, with hundreds of festive reads to get … More Christmas Reads

Summer Reads

With the days getting longer and Britain experiencing some uncharacteristic sunshine I decide to do what any good person does, and dive into the book shop rather than sunbathe. I picked up some interesting sounding books in Waterstones and am looking forward to carefully reading every word without creasing the spine (it’s definitely not just … More Summer Reads

A Woman Lost – T.B. Markinson – Review

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive a copy of fellow blogger TB Markinson’s debut novel, A Woman Lost to review. Find her blog here A Woman Lost details the life of Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Petrie, a young woman whose voice within the novel (told in first person) is strong, independent … More A Woman Lost – T.B. Markinson – Review