Autumn | Four Budget Friendly Outdoor Autumn Activities

We’re big fans of Autumn here on the internet, aren’t we? We love the crisp fall air, the warm golden colours and the cosy evenings under blankets. 2020 might have been full of change, celebrating birthdays under unusual circumstances and I think most people have experienced a bit of a chilly sense of isolation, even on the hottest summer day. So, shall we focus on some more positive things and find four budget friendly (and social distancing friendly!) activities to do to enjoy everything Autumn has to offer?

Apple Picking

This is something I have loved doing since I was a child. Getting to choose your very own shiny red apple from rows and rows of trees in an orchard somehow makes eating your fruits and veggies so much easier, doesn’t it? Pick Your Own apple orchards are dotted around all over the place, so a quick Google should give you an idea of your nearest spot. I recommend donning your best apple picking clothes, a pair of boots and bringing along something to carry your crop home in! Although, do check the set up of the orchard you’re planning on visiting before you go, as some provide specific recepticles for your apples. It’s also worth checking if dogs are welcome, because there’s nothing better than including a new exciting dog walk in on an Autumnal adventure, is there?

Autumn Activities Apple Picking Fall Outdoor Budget Friendly That Emily Blog

We visited Castle Farm Orchard in Kent for our apple picking adventure and found the orchards to be idyllic, quiet and the perfect place to get ourselves into the autumnal spirit. The only thing you’ve definitely got to the careful of is making sure you don’t spend a small fortune on dozens and dozens of apples, because it is very tempting!

An Autumnal Walk

Now, I know this sounds like I’m writing about the absolute obvious but please bear with me. We often go for walks near our homes that are familiar. If you’ve got a dog, or a small child, you’ll likely take them to the same parks, along the same pathways, most days. However, a little research goes a long way and I guarantee that somewhere not impossibly far from you is a gorgeous new area you’ve yet to explore.

What better time to enjoy this newly discovered nature than during the Autumn, when the colours are glorious and golden, the crunch of the leaves is sure to keep even the most restless child occupied for a little bit, and there are cute little mushrooms and toadstools cropping up all over the place.

Autumn Outdoor Activities Fall Budget Friendly Autumnal That Emily Blog

My top tip is to pack a small snack-nic (a snack sized picnic) which for me consists of a thermos of tea and some sort of baked treat. Then venture off, enjoy this new location, maybe take some cute pictures for the heck of it and make a note to come back in the springtime to see what other beautiful gems nature might be hiding.

Seeing Sunrise Alongside Deer

Autumn is also ‘the rut’ for deer, a period of time during which the stag’s antlers are at their absolute peak as they contest over females. Now, this might feel horrible outdated to the humans among us, but it does give us a chance to witness some of nature’s greatest animals in their most impressive form. Especially if you are UK based, and deer are our largest native land mammal so it’s always exciting to catch a glimpse of them.

Autumn Activities Stag Deer The Rut Park Sunrise Golden Hour Autumnal Free Budget Friendly That Emily

You might be thinking, “Oh but I’m not driving miles and miles to sit in the dark and maybe see a deer!” and I say back to you, “You don’t have to!”. So many of our local parks are home to deer, either in enclosures (Greenwich Park) or free roaming deer such as those at Knole Park and Richmond Park. So, as ever, a little research and you’ll find your nearest deer!

I love to venture to the deer park at sunrise, to try and grab those gorgeous golden hour photos of the deer just as they are waking up.

A Pumpkin Patch

I know that pumpkin patches are now notorious for being the nesting ground for snap-happy instagrammers but there’s a reason they love going to them and grabbing some pics. The colours are so fun, there’s a childlike innocence to picking your own vegetables and getting to choose that perfect pumpkin. Most pumpkin patches this year appear to be open under social distancing regulations so just check before you go that your local patch is operating and you might need to book a slot.

Pumpkin Patch Autumn Outdoor Activities Autumnal Fall That Emily Blog

I love grabbing some pumpkins but also the occasional squash which I can invent some kind of delicious food with at a later date.

I’m a big fan of PYO Pumpkins in Hoo, near Rochester and also Pumpkin Moon


I hope you all get to head outside and enjoy a bit of what autumn has to offer!

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