Books | Eve of Man by Giovanna and Tom Fletcher

Now, I’m incredibly late to the party on all things Eve of Man and that is entirely my own doing. I follow both Giovanna and Tom Fletcher on Instagram and I enjoy their YouTube content and Giovanna’s romantic fiction novels are some of my favourites to curl up with on a cosy day, or get lost in whilst I’m soaking up the sun. So I heard about Eve of Man when they announced it, of course I did! However, I very foolishly dismissed it as a book for younger readers, and that is something I won’t be doing again. Like many of us I’e been using some of my extra home-time as an opportunity to catch up on reading and I found myself very quickly completely enthralled by Eve of Man.

As a basic plot outline, Eve of Man is set in a parallel time/future where the human race has stopped birthing females. As a result, it appears the final generation of women are reaching the menopause when suddenly a miracle female baby is born. Named Eve (for obvious reasons) she becomes seen as the saviour of the human race, whether she likes it or not. We catch up with Eve as she turns 16 and is faced with the imminent task of repopulating the planet, and fighting a slightly less than ‘legal’ crush on someone she isn’t even meant to know exists, 18 year old Bram.

Book Review of Eve of Man by Giovanna and Tom Fletcher ThatEmilyBlog

We follow the story from both Eve and Bram’s perspectives (I’m not sure if the perspectives were written separately by Giovanna and Tom, or whether they worked collaboratively on all chapters, but I shall research that!) and with this we enjoy dramatic irony in the boatload as we find out more about the world outside Eve’s Tower within the first few pages than she has ever known. The remarkable thing about Giovanna’s writing in particular (from past experience reading her work) is how quickly she can get the reader to emotionally invest in a character. Within just a short chapter I was already on board with Eve, I understood her, I felt as she was feeling and wanted to keep reading whenever I could.

Each chapter in Eve of Man is brief, succinctly written and keeps the pace of the novel going. From a practical point of view, this means it’s an ideal book to dip in and out of regularly as you can comfortably get yourself to the end oc a chapter and take a break quickly! I know this isn’t something you normally read in a book review, but I did enjoy it!

Taking elements of The Handmaid’s Tale, The Truman Show and everyone’s favourite Black Mirror and combining them with the raw, passionate emotions of adolescence, Team Fletcher have created one of those books you’ll truly enjoy reading.

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