Autumn on My Etsy Shop

The internet can almost universally agree that autumn holds a special place for many of us. The new school year with its promise of bright futures and best laid plans to be more focused and organised, Gilmore Girls marathons, pumpkin spiced everything, crisp mornings and crunchy leaves, autumn is bright and warm, cosy but refreshing all at once. With September mere moments away, I knew it was the perfect time to put all my autumn inspired products up on my Etsy shop.

That Emily Blog Handmade Autumnal and Fall Style Inspiration Etsy Shop Items Face Coverings Masks and Tote Bags

With that in mind, I knew I had to use my love of autumn to create some cute bits and bobs for my new found love, my Etsy shop! My Etsy shop, That Emily Shop (obviously) is still very new, but is something I have wanted to explore doing for several years. I’m one of those hoards of people who channel their energy into lots of projects, which has often left my desk smothered in hand knitted scarves, or paintings of dogs and all sorts of fun stuff and I decided that it was high time I really made some big steps in setting myself up on Etsy. Personally, I love it when I’m able to buy something made with love and passion from a small business. It’s not always practical or financially possible for me, but when it is, it’s lovely.

 That Emily Blog Handmade Autumnal and Fall Style Inspiration Etsy Shop Items Face Coverings Masks and Tote Bags
The Face Covering Selfie

I started out hunting for a cute autumnal fabric for face masks / face coverings that I knew I wanted to have myself. My logic with everything regarding this Etsy store has been, what would I like to own, and what would I like to make? So with that in mind I scoured around for the just right fabric and found this gorgeous Lewis and Irene print. It’s 100% cotton so perfect for face masks and is covered in cute fall things like squirrels, umbrellas, apples and toadstools. It’s cheerful, comforting and the perfect autumnal aesthetic. Not just practical, this fabric will make sure your PSL Selfies look cute with or without your mask! Getting used to looking friendly and approachable whilst keeping the majority of your face covered is pretty new to most of us, so any way that I could help making face masks a little more comforting for both the user and others I absolutely was going to! We’ve had all sorts of selfie styles in my time (remember the MySpace angle?) but the face covering selfie is a whole new world for a lot of us!

Most of us are starting to inch our way back to normal, and as the weather gets cooler we will inevitably find ourselves having to spend more time inside. It’s sensible to stock up on masks if you are someone able to wear one, as they’re one of the simplest ways we can do our bit to help prevent the spread of not only Covid-19 but many other viruses that particularly love to do the rounds during the winter months. We might not be heading toward an autumn that we are used to, but there’s nothing to say we can’t embrace our favourite season whilst also being responsible and safe! I hope some of you guys love this adorable autumnal face mask fabric as much as I do. 

That Emily Blog Handmade Autumnal and Fall Style Inspiration Etsy Shop Items Face Coverings Masks and Tote Bags

Now, my love of autumn and all things fall obviously doesn’t just extend to face coverings. For years I have had all sorts of ideas for embroidered tote bags that would be ideal for carrying around all those extra bits and pieces you find with you during the colder months. That umbrella, the spare pair of gloves, a woolly hat for wintery walks, all the best things! Plus, under current circumstances I know we’re all making sure we leave our houses with additional bits and bobs like hand sanitiser and wipes.

That Emily Blog Handmade Autumnal and Fall Style Inspiration Etsy Shop Items Face Coverings Masks and Tote Bags

When it came to coming up with the designs, I knew instantly I wanted to do some that welcomed all the things we love about Autumn. I love seeing everyone’s “Hello October” posts at the start of the month, as they celebrate their favourite fluffy socks, knitted hats, steaming hot drinks and cosy evenings chatting with friends. For me, Autumn is a time of togetherness. No longer are we frolicking around beaches or travelling around the world on our summer holidays, we are reunited with our friends and family, we are spending our evenings tucked up under blankets watching Hocus Pocus and coming up with new ways to make a hot chocolate even more full of sugar. It’s a time of safety, of planning, and of focusing on our goals. It also happens to be the time of year when nature shows off her sunset colours, the warmest colour palette of any season and when you see all those golds, yellows and reds you immediately feel at home. Can you tell how much I love autumn yet?

That Emily Blog Handmade Autumnal and Fall Style Inspiration Etsy Shop Items Face Coverings Masks and Tote Bags

It’s been so much fun coming up with these little tote bag designs, and so calming to sit down and embroider them slowly. I rather enjoyed an afternoon watching two Twilight films back to back, with the rain pouring down outside, whilst delicately stitching these bags. I hope you think they’re as cute as I do!

If you’re struggling with the ‘Lockdown Breakdown’ as I am hearing it called, I absolutely recommend finding something like this to occupy your time. You invest creative and physical energy in a project and when it works, it’s so pleasing to see the results.

That Emily Shop

Autumnal Face Masks are £6 Each with Free UK Postage

Autumnal Embroidered Tote Bags are £8.50 Each with Free UK Postage

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