The New Normal – Gardening Part Nine

Well, I think we might be coming toward the end of these relentless gardening updates, folks.

The courgette plants are reaching the end of their season, and a couple have already met their fate in the bottom of the compost bin, hopefully ready to be mulchy goodness for their offspring next spring. However, we still have a fair few courgettes growing away in the garden and plenty more courgette based recipes coming up on the blog.

The pumpkins are thinning out, I’m really struggling to keep more than one growing per vine. Is this a common problem? I’ve tried to space the vines out so they have room to breathe, and also have been keeping them fed and watered regularly. Fingers crossed my biggest pumpkin child sticks with me though, as he will be an impressive front porch jack-o-latern come October! I think I will start the curing process with him in early September all being well, once I have plenty of room in the greenhouse for him too.

That Emily The New Normal Gardening Vegetable Patch Update Blog Pumpkin Large Pumpkin

The cucumbers have been a real surprise hit – they’re infinitely more tasty than the supermarket variety and the plants are super heavy croppers. I bought these seeds from GroSeeds which is a fantastic website not only offering a huge variety of seeds but also donating a percentage of each sale to help a person in Malawi have access to clean drinking water. Every time I see the packet of these cucumber seeds (I purchased the Beit Alpha variety) I am reminded how lucky I am to be able to sustain myself and these plants with clean, safe to drink water. Even more lucky to have a heavy crop of delicious cucumbers to be able to share with my family, friends and neighbours. Nobody can escape me offering them a cucumber at the moment, and no that is definitely not a euphamism!

The green beans and radishes are now coming to the end of their season, and I’ve let a few of the radishes go to seed in order to collect a few for sowing next Spring. I’ve also left some of the green beans on the plant to fully mature and dry off to collect the beans for planting next year as well. I have to say, I was slightly dreading the end of this harvest time as it would feel like this Lockdown Project of mine had come to its natural end, so why hasn’t lockdown? However, by ensuring we have seeds for next year and continuing this project it has somehow soothed this.

That Emily The New Normal Gardening Vegetable Patch Update Blog Tomato Plant

I mean, I am mourning the end of this vegetable patch but half my tomatoes haven’t ripened yet, but the ones that have are truly spectacular. I say that as someone who is not always a huge fan of raw tomatoes, but these moneymaker tomatoes are delicious and such a vibrant red through and through it makes you wonder if what you buy in the supermarket are even tomatoes! I’ve invested in refreshing the herb garden during this period too – so we have plenty of basil, parsley and mint sitting in the greenhouse being incredibly fragrant. I’m hoping to knock up a bruschetta using all my own herbs and veggies, and some home made focaccia. In all honesty, dear reader, making food for people, particularly food made with vegetables from our own garden, has been something of a saving grace during all of this. It’s calming, time consuming, requires focus and has lovely results that make other people happy. What more can you ask for?

That Emily The New Normal Gardening Vegetable Patch Update Blog Watermelon Plant

For those of you on Watermelon Watch I have a handful of marble sized watermelons growing in the greenhouse at the moment but I am afraid I don’t expect any of them to come to much at this point in the season! However, it’s fun to see these little miniature melons hanging off the vines!

Any tips for some good autumn sowing veggies? I sense my gardening journey is far from over.

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