The New Normal – Marathon Training – Part Four

That Emily Runs A Marathon

This is a short update really, but marathon training is still currently underway as the final decision has not yet been made on whether the race will go ahead. To be honest with you, I would be pretty surprised if the whole event was able to take place as it involves so much work, with so many people involved. However, I am holding out hope and continuing with my training. Even if the full London Marathon doesn’t happen in 2020, I am still planning to run the 26.2miles in some form or another and raise money for the incredible Mind. As a charity, they have felt the impact of the current situation on a lot of their fundraising, and their work still needs to happen. In some cases, now more than ever. So I’ll of course keep you updated on the status of the marathon itself but I might end up running the streets of London. You never know, you might see me running past your house one blustery October morning instead, begging for some motivation as I pass!

In order to help boost my motivation and also have something to show for all the effort that’s going into this (all this running and working out is no joke, it turns out!) I have started also logging my training on YouTube as a video diary. Now, full disclosure, I am not a pro-athlete or personal trainer, I am not a fitness guru or even a fitness fanatic but if you’re interested in the journey of someone from being obsessed with Malteasers to being obsessed with marathons then I’m your girl. Although I do still partake in the odd bag of malteasers here and there. They are particularly good whilst enjoying a few episodes of Queer Eye on a rainy afternoon I have found.

Anyhoo, I digress. Yes, I am filming myself as I sweat, complain and then finally reach the euphoric endorphin fuelled high of having completed that day’s workout and run. Do check it out and join me on this journey if you fancy it. I’m particularly open to advice or questions that people have as I am definitely an amateur giving this kind of thing a go. I will link the first few videos below, and you can see how my running and video editing skills have got better in sync.

By adding the filming element to training it’s really helped keep me accountable. I know that if I miss something I will instantly be able to see it back, or if I don’t do an exercise properly or don’t keep running for as long as I can, the guilt of that will catch up with me! So I keep going! Of course, having your life dictated by guilt isn’t ideal, but if the odd moment of it can help push you into reaching your goals…!

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