The New Normal – Online Escapes – Escape Rooms!

I don’t know about you, but I’m still loyally participating and running a couple of weekly quizzes, and I’ve even been known to enjoy the odd Houseparty (the app! Not an actual event!) game of Heads Up or similar. However, we’re so many weeks into lockdown now that I’ve completely lost count, and a little variety is, I’ve heard, the spice of life, so I was really excited to hear about Trapped In The Web, an online escape room!

Trapped In The Web That Emily Escape Room Online

If you’ve been living within reasonable proximity of almost any city in the last couple of years, you’ll be well aware of the immense popularity of escape rooms. If you’ve not encountered one yet, they’re a set of puzzles to be solved by teams, traditionally all within a room or series of rooms in order to ‘escape’. You might be invited to one as a teambuilding event, a birthday party, a work night out, a hen do, or just something someone found on a list of cool activities in Time Out and they fancy giving it a go. So many of the ones around are imaginatively themed, everything from 1920s Gatsby inspired rooms through to zombie apocalypse rooms that verge on being immersive theatre. However, with us being instructed to stay at home as much as we can, keep a social distance of two metres from each other, and not travel around unnecessarily, places like escape rooms are not an option. Until, of course, you discover Trapped In The Web.

School's Out Trapped In The Web Online Escape RoomThe story behind Trapped In The Web is one frankly so adorable it seems implausible but, full disclaimer, I know the couple behind it and can confirm it’s true! With Vicky’s birthday coming up, her partner, Dave, wanted to create something fun, interesting and engaging for her and her friends and family to participate in and enjoy on the day. He came up with the idea of developing an online escape room. Vicky is a huge fan of theatre, and knowing this (the excellent boyfriend he is!) Dave developed one of the original concepts around being trapped in a theatre with the team having to solve loads of theatrical puzzles to escape. It was such a hit with Vicky and all her friends and family that he has thrown himself into creating Trapped In The Web which now boasts a whole array of brilliantly themed rooms that you and your friends can escape from, from the comfort and safety of your own homes!

We have undoubtedly been working as teams over the last few months – as a huge collective global team to try and learn more about the virus and how to treat and prevent infection but also in smaller teams – colleagues working together via Zoom and endless telephone calls, family dinners over facetime, checking in on your neighbours and keeping each other entertained with antics in your gardens (you know what I’m talking about!). Trapped In The Web gives us the chance to work as teams once more, and test our skills together! Plus, isn’t the story behind how it came about just the exact kind of wholesome content you need at the moment? Teamwork. It’s still underrated!

Trapped In The Web Online Escape Room
Vicky and Dave, the creators of Trapped In The Web!

Depending on your team, the rooms can take between one and two hours to escape from and I think you’ll agree that under current circumstances that is time well spent! It’s nice to engage your brain a bit and work as a team, something which we are all doing in such different ways these days. You can use video chat to have a good old gossip with your friends ‘face-to-face’ as you attempt to escape the rooms and all in all, just feel really connected to other people again, which I know we are all sometimes feeling a little lacking in at the moment.

Each of the escape room packages costs £7.99, and you can choose from several different themes like School’s Out, Lockdown Breakout and Space Race to name a few! You’re sure to find something to fit your friendship group’s taste!

If you’re able to, have a go at Trapped In The Web and enjoy!

Stay safe x

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