The New Normal – The Lockdown Larder – Spicy Stir Fry Veg Wraps

The Lockdown Larder as I’m seeing so many people call it, is a fun way to come up with some new and tasty food from what you’ve got in stock, that is hopefully still fairly nutritious. With half a bag of stir fry veg left in the fridge and no noodles anywhere to be found, I set myself the challenge of coming up with something yummy make for dinner. We ended up with the following – stir fried veg with spicy chickpeas and mint yoghurt in a wrap with coleslaw on the side. Yes, I know its not exactly something you’d see on the menu of a Michelin Star restaurant, but it was tasty as anything!

The finished wrap, and boy was it tasty and full of lots of goodness.

Ingredients (for three people):

  • Three Tortilla Wraps (flour or corn, whatever you can get your hands on)
  • Stir Fry Veg (we used half a ‘family size’ bag and it did three portions easily
  • One can of chickpeas with your choice of spices
  • Four teaspoons of natural or Greek yoghurt (or go for vegan to make the whole recipe plant based!)
  • One teaspoon of mint sauce or finely chopped fresh mint
  • Coleslaw or salad for on the side!
Getting those chickpeas all spicy and delicious!


Extremely simple – just drain your chickpeas and add them to a frying pan with a splash of oil and season them to your taste. I like a bit of garlic, paprika and chilli on mine! Then take them out of the pan and replace with the stir fry veg, which I again sprinkled a little garlic and paprika on top of. Mix up your yoghurt and mint combo, spread on a wrap and then fill each wrap with veg and chickpeas, serve with whatever you fancy!


Stay safe x

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