The New Normal – Gardening Part Four

After an unusually sunny April, the showers decided to finally arrive and we have had a couple of damp days. Much more what I’m used to! I know lots of people struggle with grey skies, and find that their mood dips, which I imagine is even more troublesome at the moment when I know our moods are more erratic than normal anyway. So, here’s a little taste of the lovely outside coming straight to you in what I hope is your cosiest spot, ideally with a cup of tea.

The courgetttes are desperate for some more room, so once the weather warms up that’s what they’ll get!

When we planted the carrots, we were very much in the ‘none of this will work so just chuck it all in and see what happens’ phase of those whole process, so they’re now in desperate need of thinning out. I’ve co-opted several large tubs, an old recycling bin and some deep pots to get them going, but I’ve now had to start the slightly daunting task of planting some of them in the *shudder* ground! My tiny little carrots, which look barely bigger than a blade of grass, are facing a brutal life outside of the greenhouse! Due to a slight incident involving over watering, one of the sunflowers which was looking a little sorry for itself in its tin can, has also been placed outside to see if that might help it out a bit – I will report back anon.

The tiny carrots in the big wild ground!

The thing about these vegetables, and I am very much stating the obvious here, is that they start off as such tiny seeds and then suddenly you have a huge amount of leaves sprouting out of every corner and you’re scrambling for places to put them all. As a child, particularly after watching Toy Story, I became obsessed with making sure all of my cuddly toys had their faces visible when they were sat on my bed. I’m developing a similar feeling about making sure all my little seedlings have access to appropriate sunlight which is troublesome as the darn sun keeps moving! So far, so good (touchwood) and they’re all still growing. I’ve re-distributed around a dozen tomatoes that I intend to keep, and another dozen into tiny yoghurt pots to be offered free to good homes once they get a couple more leaves.

Donning my best wet weather gear

Down the end of the garden there’s a rather ominous looking compost heap, but with the help of a pair of heavy duty gloves I have dug into its depths and found some brilliant looking compost. A bit of research online told me that pumpkins and courgettes in particular love  the offerings of a good compost heap, so I have begun moving the bulk of these into larger receptacles before they eventually make it into the ground.

Now, dear reader, the ground! Oh the ground! I have never had a proper vegetable patch before, but there’s currently a fair amount of unused space next to the greenhouse that I’ve been turning over, adding a bit of compost preparing it so that as soon as the bigger brutes of the greenhouse are ready, they have somewhere to move to. I’m hoping to have a vaguely Hagrid-esque pumpkin patch/courgette corner and I’m hoping that the soil will be nutritious enough for them.

This week’s new seeds include cucumbers, radishes and spring onions. They’re barely damp in the ground right now so nothing much to report right now, but I’m excited to add to the crop. My plan, particularly for the radishes, is to plant a few seeds every couple of weeks to avoid a glut of them appearing.

I’ve been really enjoying a little time in the greenhouse each day, even in the rain. I’ve donned my wellies and waterproofs and spent a few moments watering all the plants and hoping that my body heat helps to keep them going whilst the weather is perhaps chillier than they are used to. What pampered plants they are!

No signs of life as yet from the sprouts, which my Mum is currently delighted by, but I hope they start sprouting soon!

A couple of these might need to join their friend in the big wide world…

Stay safe x

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