The New Normal – Gardening Part Three

The Grow-cial Life, as I am now calling my extensive time spent in the greenhouse is coming along nicely. It’s the perfect time to take my phone with me, shut the door on the greenhouse and listen to a podcast, some music or call a friend for a chat as I fiddle about with my little green children.

The tomatoes have gone from being possibly nothing at all to sprouting all over the shop, so I’m hoping to have enough semi-hardy little seedlings to be able to offer a few free to a loving home to anyone who passes by our front door on their daily walk. They’re a little too young for that now, but hopefully in a week or so they’ll be ready!

Some tiny tomato seedlings being slightly overshadowed by the pumpkins!

After a slow start the green beans have appeared, almost as fully formed plants, out of nowhere. I did wonder why they insisted on being planted 5cm deep and now I think I understand – they shoot up with multiple leaves and I can see why Jack became so enamoured with them. Their big broad leaves, even for such young plants, and their little tendrils, make them very mythical and magical looking plants.

Courgette wise, I now am just debating how long I can wait before transitioning them all to much bigger pots. I’m thinking it needs to be done pretty soon as a few are really starting to take off and seem to have a new leaf every day. The leaves are a little speckled and I’m not sure if that’s part of the variety of courgette they are or if I’m doing something wrong? Any tips welcome!

Pumpkin land is slow and steady, but hopefully this will mean a decent crop of strong plants for the pumpkin patch once I’m able to plant them outside.

The courgettes are doing so well that I can’t keep up with all of their needs for new, larger homes!

Today I planted some Brussels Sprouts seeds, so lets see what happens with them! The logic of them is that they, along with the carrots and pumpkins, will require later harvesting so we should see fresh fruit and veg coming to us well into the Autumn which will be really helpful.

As ever, the sunflowers (pilfered from bird seed, remember!) are shooting up and provide some of the most satisfying day to day development. I can see why they’re so good for children to grow, as you really do see changes in them all the time. I would definitely recommend it if you have the time and resources available to you fairly easily! Plus, with any luck, you’ll have a gorgeous big sunflower to look out on in a few weeks time.

The tin can row of sunflowers continues to grow, and I’m a little bit in love with them all. Sorry Mum and Dad for relentlessly whipping all your recyclables to use as pots!

It’s nice to have a reason to do something every day, other than work. There’s something so comforting about having a purpose – even if, for now, my purpose is to cultivate these tiny little green things into fruit and veg for my family. I have big dreams for my little kitchen garden, and I really hope that we will be able to share the literal fruits of our labours with friends, family and neighbours. We definitely won’t have enough to provide full meals for everyone but if it saves a little time shopping each week, and it provides fresh, tasty (food is always tastier when grown at home) and free nibbles for people then that’s a massive win in my book!

PS the watermelon plants are still going strong….!

Stay Safe x

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