Diary 2 – Emily Runs A Marathon

So Friday night I watched Brittany Runs A Marathon with my friends and enjoyed a Joe Wicks curry as I promised myself as treat at the end of Week One of really starting marathon training. My fitbit tells me that I clocked up 749 active minutes last week, and a total of 122,471 steps so let’s see if I can build from there. Having daily and weekly goals is really helpful for me in general, but particularly when there’s a looming deadline of 26.2miles hanging over me. 15 weeks to go now.

Brittany Runs A Marathon was a great film to watch at this point in training. It has just enough realistic aspirational moments in it to motivate you, and it also had enough heart to make me bawl my eyes out in front of my friends resulting in them essentially hug-bundling me on the sofa. Frankly, in that moment, the marathon felt too big, too much and an insurmountable task. If I’m being honest, it really does still at the moment.

Brittany Runs A Marathon (Image: Amazon)

Saturday morning my flatmate and I ventured out of the warm house into the chilly South London air and headed for the park where we ran intervals for 45-minutes before finishing with a brisk 30-minute walk. Not the longest or most challenging run I’ve ever done but definitely worth doing, especially factoring in all the hills we had to do. Hills I think are what I’m most nervous of right now. That and my hip popping again. With that in mind I’ve set myself the challenge of doing 100 squats a day, spread out over the course of the day. In all honesty I find myself doing about 20 when I pop to the loo at work or make a cup of tea. This is actually quite a nice way to fit in some light resistance stuff that hopefully I’ll be able to build up soon.

Diet wise I’ve been enjoying the fact that I’m legitimately hungry at the moment, and my fitbit tells me that’s because I’m burning approximately 3500 calories a day so I can see why. So far I’ve eaten plenty, but it’s been plenty of good stuff. Lots of grains and pulses, a banana and lots of vegetables every day and I’ve been loving some yoghurt and a couple of bits of chocolate as well. Having said that, I’m fully anticipating a pizza this weekend and I am very much looking forward to it.

Sunday was a 9 mile brisk walk from my flat to my parents’ house where a steaming mug of hot chocolate was waiting for me. Nothing quite like appealing to my sweet tooth to motivate me to get out of bed at 7.30am on a Sunday morning. It was good to do a solid distance like that and keep going, even if not at a running pace. I’m not sure what it did for my physical ability to run a marathon, but it was great for my mental ability to get that far.

Now it’s Monday again and another week of daunting exercise is ahead of me. The good news is I have finally signed up to fundraise for Mind during this adventure. I’m sure I’ll do a post in the near future about why I chose Mind to raise money for but in the mean time, if you happen to have a spare couple of pounds in mid-January (optimistic I know) then I’ll link my fundraising page below.


Thank you

Emily x


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