Emily Runs A Marathon

It is January, reader, and I have spent the last two weeks either suffering from flu and refusing to eat, or latterly compensating for a week of barely eating by eating everything in sight, ideally smothered in chocolate and/or cranberry sauce. My marathon training plans went out the window for just over a fortnight but now the year, nay the decade, has moved on and thus Sunday 26 April looms on the horizon as my big DATE. Therefore, marathon training once again begins in earnest.

Sunrise over London
A dramatic sunrise kept me motivated one chilly morning during a run in December.

I am not one of those incredibly toned and fit bloggers who posts boomerangs of their squats and impeccably filtered photos their beautiful looking vegan organic meals. Life just isn’t like that for most of us, is it? That’s not to say I don’t love staring at these impossible instagram feeds and hoping that I’ll suddenly have the inclination, time and money to live like that. However, 2020 is the year I’m going to give everything my best damn go. Yes, bits wobble when I run, and yes I sometimes sweat and it smells weird and I haven’t worked out why, yes I pant a lot, yes I get bored running, yes I need the perfect combination of an audio book with heavy pumping music going at the same time to feel occupied. However, if not now, when? My 2016 attempt was a thrill but ultimately under prepared, naive and painful (a hip injury half way nearly scuppered my chances of completing it at all), and now I want to reclaim running after a few years of physio and strength training, a whole heap of personal upheavals and really do it. Do you know what I mean?

And thus today the mission begins. I venture back into the gym, several kilos worth of mince pies heavier, but with a distinct goal in sight. In order to hold myself accountable I will update this blog as often as I can, and hopefully by April the prospect of running 26.2 miles will seem just as exciting as it does intimidating.

My reward for returning to my trainers in the brisk New Year weather is my plan to watch Brittany Runs A Marathon at the end of this week with some pals, and enjoy a Joe Wicks curry recipe as well. Let’s hope I can stick to my plan and enjoy Friday night!

I am obsessed with skyr. Someone needs to tell me if it’s healthy or not because I have no idea.

Any friendly advice is gladly welcomed as I am by no means an expert. Do you have a good exercise to strengthen hips (my relentless weakness),  a top pre-run meal or an excellent running playlist? Share them!

As I hit publish on this post I am on my way home from the gym feeling that slight sweaty endorphin buzz.

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