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As you most likely know, I’ve been something of a Lush addict for years. Yes the bath bombs and soaps are fun but the real jewel in Lush’s sweet smelling, glittery crown is their skincare range. Never one to miss out on the hype, I picked up a pot of Sleepy lotion as soon as it was brought onto the shop floor as a core piece, not just seasonal. Described as an oatmeal infusion with scents of lavender flower and tonka, Sleepy is that perfect soothing night time scent that leaves you feeling relaxed, but not reminding you too much of your Grandma’s Yardley lavender talcum powder.
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My sleep goes in stages, I can often have several months of a solid seven hours rest most nights but then it moves to a more agitated, waking up at 3.00am, pulse racing, mind imagning all sorts and struggling to drift back to the land of nod – so I thought for times like these Sleepy could be an excellent companion. I wasn’t wrong. It’s proven to be just the tonic, helping to smoothe

I am also a huge fan of taking some sort of calming scent on long haul plane journeys as a way to help you get a short but vital amount of rest on board. I’ve long been an advocate of taking a couple of little indulgences on board to aid your slumber – a little rollerball of aromatherapy oils and a travel size spray of Boots Botanics Toning Rosewater Spritz (a snip at just £2.99 for a large bottle – decant into a travel size spray and off you go!). However, Sleepy might just be my new travel go to. The scent is strong enough to mask any typical plane odours (your seatmate’s rice cakes, a pungent loo or just general engine grime) but not so overpowering you feel obnoxious for applying it. Pop a little on your temples, wrists and collar bone, snuggle down into a blanket or an oversized scarf and drift into a lavender scented world of slumber. Anyhoo, I digress, I will definitely do my top tips for a relaxing long haul flight as a blog post or even a video soon.

Lush, Sleepy, Skincare, Lotion, Lifestyle, Lush Cosmetics, Insomnia, Sleep, Sleeping, Body Lotion,

Of course, one of the main reasons you can sleep easy when buying Lush products is the company’s strong ethics – when it comes to the treatment of workers, animals and the environment. I try, I really do, to commit to ethically sound products but some can be cost prohibitive and others just don’t agree with my skin but luckily for the most part Lush is an absolute dream and Sleepy is another great product I’m sure I’ll add to my staple Lush purchases!

Sleepy is available online or in store and is priced at £7.95 for 95g or £13.95 for 215g

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