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We always get excited as the first hint of Springtime’s sunshine peeks through the clouds. The first hint of a blue sky and pubs across London suddenly spill out into the street with cider sales rocketing. However, just as we become comfortable with the idea of sunshine the inevitable April showers mean plenty of evenings and weekends are spent cuddling up indoors, finding inventive things to do that aren’t simply binge watching on Netflix. In fact, as the folks at iRazoo let me know, you can even earn some rewards whilst it’s raining outside and keeping you stuck indoors by completing surveys and online games!


If it’s a grey day outside, or I’m simply procrastinating, I love spending time on Pinterest, day dreaming about my perfect life. Style, interiors, bookshelf organisation and healthy lunch ideas are just some of the things that I obsess over on Pinterest. My absolute favourite Pinterest board, no matter what time of year, is my Autumn/Winter photography board, the pictures make me so happy!

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Dog Training

I realise this option for a rainy day activity is limited to those with access to a dog but there’s nothing quite so satisfying as teaching your furry little rascal a new trick. I’ll be the first to admit my dog isn’t going to appear on Britain’s Got Talent but spending half an hour or so on a new skill is a fun way to tire him out when it’s so wet outside you don’t fancy a long walk!

Reading That Book You’ve Been Intimidated By

We’ve all got one book that sits on our bedside table intimidatingly, looking down on us when we reach for a more welcoming, more manageable tome. On a rainy day, why not grab that book by the horns (nope, didn’t work) and start it?

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Holiday Planning

Whether it’s a pipe dream of being transported across the globe to New Zealand, or something more realistic like a nearby city break, nothing takes away the dreary gloom of a rainy day like planning your next adventure! I’ve got lots of plans for future vacations and I love browsing websites like Culture Trip and Lonely Planet for tips and tricks.


Sometimes, normally after spending a while on Pinterest, I am filled with the desire to be productive with my time and iRazoo offers you the chance to complete surveys and complete tasks (like online games) to earn rewards. If you’re a fidgety type, and need to be doing something all the time then iRazoo is perfect! iRazoo has a support team there to answer any questions to have at any time as well!

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