World Oceans Day – Top 5 Ocean Movies

As part of my series of World Oceans Day posts I thought I would list my top 5 ocean themed movies.

Soul Surfer World Oceans Day

Soul Surfer

This is the dramatised telling of the story of world renowned surfer Bethany Hamilton who lost an arm to a shark bite whilst surfing as a teenager. Rather than become fearful of the ocean and the creatures within it, Bethany is back surfing within weeks and her story is all at once an inspiring story of determination whilst also a reminder of the immense power of the predators within the world’s oceans.

Blackfish World Oceans Day Move Film That Emily


You’d be hard pushed to find someone who hasn’t seen Blackfish at this point. The documentary about the life of captive orca Tilikum has become a hit, and a huge point of reference when discussing Sea World and other theme parks. I’ve not been comfortable with keeping large mammals captive in such small quarters for a long time, but I cannot deny being totally enraptured by the majesty of the orcas and dolphins of Sea World as a child. The story of Tilikum is full of emotion, cruelty and fear, and provides the audience with a much needed education.

The Little Mermaid World Oceans Day

The Little Mermaid

Frankly it would be absurd not to include this in a list of ocean themed movies. Whilst the feminist side of me objects to the suggestion that a man cares not for a woman’s brain but simply desires she has human legs, the world underwater has always been fascinating. It has some of the greatest Alan Menken songs ever written including Part Of Your World and Under The Sea.

The Poseidon Adventure That Emily Ocean World Oceans Day

The Poseidon Adventure 

The 1972 version of this all American action-adventure is the classic disaster at sea movie. Once again we’re shown the immense power and ferocity of the open ocean as the S.S. Poseidon makes her final voyage from New York. Disaster, screaming and excitement ensues.

Jaws That Emily ThatEmily Blog Blogger World Oceans Day


Supposedly an allegory for the Watergate scandal because it’s all about corruption in local politics, and was released shortly after the scandal. Filmed on location at Martha’s Vineyard, off the coast of Cape Cod, Jaws captures the open water and power of the ocean. The shark is so intimidating, as it hardly ever appears on screen. Interestingly, it hardly ever appears on screen as they couldn’t get the mechanical shark to work!

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