Travel: Breakfast in South Palm Beach

I’m pretty sure anyone who has had the good fortune to visit South Palm Beach, Florida, will tell you that the Dune Deck is the ultimate place to be for a lazy, sunny brunch overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. With a huge menu filled with all of your favourite breakfast foods, Dune Deck caters for all (and not just at breakfast time!).

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Breakfast in America, as Supertramp once said, is my favourite meal of the day. The choice is about nine times that of a standard cafe in London and the price roughly half. Coffee and iced water are in seemingly limitless supply and even luxuries such as freshly squeezed orange juice are plentiful and affordable. I’m never one to pass up the opportunity to eat breakfast out whilst in the US, no matter how horrendously jet lagged I might be.

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At the Dune Deck I went for the stuffed French toast which was a revelation to me in itself. A huge hunk of doughy French toast, filled with lightly spiced fruits and nuts was the ultimate indulgent treat for a Florida vacation. Served with a healthy portion of maple syrup and a slice of melon (got to get those vitamins), I was set for the day and didn’t need to eat again until the early evening!

Eggs Breakfast That Emily Dune Deck Florida South Palm Beach Lantana Travel Travelling USA America Blog Blogger Emily Holiday Vacation Brunch BReakfast

The Dune Deck has one huge advantage over almost anywhere else you might get breakfast – the view. With the Florida sun, the Atlantic ocean and miles of blue sky stretching ahead of you it’s hard to think there’s anywhere else in the world as you tuck into your food. I’ve raved on and on about their breakfasts but you can enjoy lunches and snacks throughout the day – making the most of those views and perhaps sheltering from the occasional shower or gust of wind!

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