May Favourites 2016

As part of my getting back in the swing of things, I thought I’d jump back on the monthly favourites bandwagon with my May favourites of this year!

The Library of Fragrance – Sunshine

I’ve seen The Library of Fragrance scents talked about on plenty of blogs but it felt risky to order one online, with no idea what it might smell like. So when I spotted a few bottles in TK Maxx I had a sniff and absolutely loved the Sunshine fragrance, even more so when I saw it was half the usual price! It is a subtle and subdued vanilla scent that I’ve found myself reaching for more and more as the weather outside warms up and I don’t want to wear a full on perfume. If you like scents such as Victoria’s Secret’s Amber Romance then you’ll love this.

Library of Fragrance Scent Perfume Cologne Sunshine Vanilla Blog Blogger That Emily ThatEmily WordPress Daffodil May Favourite Favorite Summer Spring Sun Beauty Makeup Skincare lifestyle London

The Back Catalogue of Hall & Oates

In November 2015 I found myself at a Hall & Oates concert in Florida. Not something I ever thought I’d say, to be honest. However it was one of the most fun nights I’ve had, and their catalogue of hits is now a staple on my iPod. It’s such an 80s sound but there’s something so great about that, so upbeat and great to keep me motivated as I try and continue my running habit post marathon!

Hall & Oates and Oates Blog Blogger ThatEmily That Emily Favourite Favorite Music


A new season arriving meant an impromptu trip to TK Maxx to see if there was anything bright and summery that might inspire me through the (supposedly) long hot summer ahead. I picked up a selection of colourful notebooks that are just the right size to slip into my handbag and allow me to jot down blog ideas on the move! I’ve always been one to carry a notebook and a selection of pens with me, but normally it’s a 99p jotter pad but I decided to upgrade and am so glad I did – they’re beautiful!


May contains two bank holidays, and what would a bank holiday be without constantly questionable weather, Pimms and a BBQ? I hosted a Pinterest inspired BBQ this May and you can read about it all at my blog post on it here!

PomPom Pom Pom Tissue Paper Hobbycraft BBQ Summer Decor Decorations Picnic Party Garden Spring Bright Colourful ThatEmily That Emily Blog Blogger

Dreamtime Bath Oil

The Lush Oxford Street bath oils are my favourite thing to pick up if I happen to be passing the store. At just £2 each they’re a far more justifiable purchase on a whim than the more expensive bath ballistics, and they do wonders for your skin if you enjoy a long soak in the bath! I love Dreamtime as it is full of a wonderful soothing lavender scent which sends me right off to sleep after a warm bath.

Dreamtime Lush Skincare Cosmetics That Emily ThatEmily Blog Blogger Photography Bath Oil Bath Bomb Lush Oxford Street London Cheap Budget Lavender Sleep

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