LUSH: Gender Neutral?

The glitter, the scent and the bright colours of Lush may suggest the shop caters to the more stereotypically feminine among us (let’s not start a debate on gender stereotyping and binary right now, I’ll do another post on that). However, look a little deeper, and consider the purpose and stories behind the Lush products and you soon realise that gender is not something considered by the company.


I was invited to Lush Bromley for their #LushBromleyMen event to launch their Fathers’ Day range of products. It was an eye opening event, proving that your assumptions of a product can be completely wrong. The products in the Fathers’ Day range are largely part of the Smuggler’s Soul scent family – with a facial scrub, multipurpose cream and shampoo bar all being new arrivals in Lush stores. The scent is subtle, clean and a little smoky with sandalwood as the main theme. It is neither traditionally masculine or feminine, and ultimately, as with any Lush product, if you like the smell of it then use it!

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Smugglers Soul Shampoo Bar

Their ethically sourced Sandalwood is the dominant scent in the Father’s Day range – however there are plenty of products in the standard Lush collection that are great for the more masculine and feminine among us.




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