I Ran The Marathon

After a bit of an unplanned hiatus from blogging, I am now planning to be back and more dedicated than ever (don’t we all say that?) and I am newly invigorated having completed the 2016 London Marathon on Sunday 24 April!

After months of training, worrying and buying every piece of sports clothing and equipment out there that promised comfort the day was finally here. I boarded the train, exchanging supportive yet nervous smiles with my fellow runners (the only other people catching an 8am train to Greenwich on a Sunday) and headed for the start line. I wore an old jumper of my Dad’s and a pair of £2.50 jogging bottoms I found in Primark to the start line, that I placed on the side of the road as I warmed up. The bins that surround the start of the marathon are piled high with used pots of vaseline, lucozade bottles and banana skins. So many banana skins. Everyone is trying hard to keep warm and motivated but not waste any energy they don’t have to.

That Emily Blog Blogger Run Running London Marathon Jog Jogging Fitness Sports Fundraising Animal Care Trust RVC
Still feeling perky at mile 7!

So after 10 or so miles of running to the pace I wanted, my hip popped and trapped a nerve. It took some serious wiggling around and limping before it felt slightly better, and then a friend found me with some painkillers and somehow, after spending almost an hour in agony thinking I wouldn’t be able to finish it, I had a miraculous second wind and powered through to the finish line.

It was an incredible day, filled with cheering supporters, great music and being offered sweets from strangers that you’re somehow expected to accept (and you do – you’ll take any sugar you can get). As I crossed the start line I pushed play on my iPod and Something Good Can Work came on, and then, just as I turned the corner into the mall with my feet in agony, my jog now sporting an attractive slight limp, Let It Go came on and Idina Menzel saw me over the finish line. Of course.

That Emily Blog Blogger Run Running London Marathon Jog Jogging Fitness Sports Fundraising Animal Care Trust RVC
Home, with the dog and my medal!

The whole purpose of running the London Marathon was to raise money for the Royal Veterinary College Animal Care Trust, whose hard work and care saved the life of Ralphie, my dog. I was honoured to be running with their logo on my shirt and am so thankful to everyone who kindly donated to the RVC as part of my marathon effort. We did it!

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