Marathon. So Where Am I Now?

Taking on running a marathon was always going to be a daunting task, so that part hasn’t surprised me. What has surprised me is the battle of wills going on in my body every day. Whilst part of me wants to lie in bed at any opportunity, warming up my feet, resting my legs, there is another part that is dedicated to carrying on, however small the progress seems to be at the moment. I have promised the Royal Veterinary College Animal Care Trust that I will raise £1000 to help them save the lives of animals in need.

Ralphie, my shih tzu, now refuses to leave the house with me if I have my bright turquoise trainers on. Little does he know I’m going through all of this running malarkey just to say thank you to the RVC for saving his life!

I treated myself this month to a little running investment, or that’s how I’m justifying it, a new iPod nano. I’ve also gone for the special Nike anti blister socks. These might be a total waste of time and money but the last thing I want is to be so covered in blisters by mile 10 that I can’t go on. I found some great sports headphones in TK Maxx for less than half their usual price, so I’ve been entertained on my runs with podcasts and music.

Marathon Training Fitness Virgin London Marathon Running Run Jog Jogging Sports Flexiseq Nike Trainers Sneakers Girl

I was sent a tube of FLEXISEQ sports gel to try out, as a drug-free way to relieve strain on joints during marathon training. Up until now my main form of therapy is a long soak in a bath with some epsom salts and a sweet smelling treat from Lush, but I was more than happy to give FLEXISEQ a try. I started by trying FLEXISEQ on my left knee, which has taken quite a battering in recent weeks, not helped by falling down the stairs! I just took a small amount of the gel and applied it on my knee, leaving it to soak in for a while, twice a day. During marathon training my knee has felt sore and frankly, over worked, as running on pavements each night takes its toll, so I was excited to find that FLEXISEQ offered some pain relief and my knee felt a lot less stiff each morning. It has enabled running to be less of a chore, and for me to be able to jump out of bed the next morning in less pain and with more enthusiasm!

With only a few weeks to go until the big day, I’ll take any help I can get to have a less painful, and more fun marathon experience!

Please help me raise £1000 for the Royal Veterinary College Animal Care Trust by sponsoring me via my VirginMoneyGiving page. Thank you!

That Emily ThatEmily Marathon Training Running Jogging Shih Tzu Ralphie RVC Royal Veterinary College Animal Care Trust Fundraising

Disclaimer: I was sent a complimentary tube of FLEXISEQ sports gel in return for writing this post.

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