I’ve been debating for a while whether to start posting marathon updates on my blog. I do not profess to be an expert in running, exercise, fitness or health in general. In fact at times I am the furthest thing from it (I’m looking at you sausage and egg McMuffin), but the challenge of running a marathon is something I’ve wanted to undertake for years.

Nike Running Jogging Run Shoes Trainers Sneakers Marathon Run Training Fundraising

As a teenager I would help a friend and his family distribute water to the runners as they passed through Deptford. We would wake up at 5am, stand in the freezing cold unscrewing Vittel water caps until our hands were numb and then hold out each bottle of water to the hoards of runners coming past. Every sore finger, blister or aching arm from the preparation became instantly worth it as we saw thousands upon thousands of runners of all ages and abilities go past us. Their motivation may be different but their goal the same. From then on I decided that running the London Marathon was something I wanted to do as soon as I was old enough.

Of course, when you get old enough you lose the motivation, the time, the energy and all the rest of it! However, in September 2014 my dog, Ralphie, suddenly became very ill. He was lethargic, not eating or drinking and eventually stopped moving altogether, just laying there limp and almost lifeless. He was taken to the Royal Veterinary College Queen Mother Hospital near Potters Bar and the vets, nurses and trainee vets there spent two weeks caring for him in whatever way they could.

Ralphie Marathon Training London Marathon Dog Puppy Animal Sick

After three blood transfusions, an experimental treatment and hours of dedication from the team at the RVC he was eventually stable enough to come home. It took nine more months of communication between our local vet and Owen at the RVC to finally take Ralphie off his little medicinal cocktail and let his body take control again. We knew it was always touch and go, but he’s still with us today, currently begging me to play with him.

So from then on I had my motivation. The Royal Veterinary College Animal Care Trust.

My aim is to raise £1000 for the RVC Animal Care Trust. This will help provide vital equipment and research facilities, meaning more animals can be treated and saved by the incredible staff there. Any donations at all will be hugely appreciated by all the humans and animals who will benefit from your kindness! Thank you x



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