London: Lumiere LDN



London has spent the last four nights lit up by the installation, Lumiere London, which covers parts of the city in innovative lights. A hit tourist attraction, creating enormous crowds from Piccadilly Circus up to Kings Cross, Lumiere London quickly became the thing to see in Britain’s chilly capital city. With the hubbub of Christmas a thing of the past, and just the unrelentingly grey English winter ahead, Lumiere provides a much needed moment of brightness and the opportunity for huge numbers of people to experience something we might not otherwise have even considered.

Lumiere Festival London LumiereLDN LDN Oxford Street Circus ThatEmily That Emily London UK Travel Blog Light Lights
Oxford Circus


The festival closed many roads around London, causing a bit of a headache for commuters, however the spectacle of the various pieces more than made up for the inconveniences. Crowds gathered open mouthed, staring for ages at some of the installations.

Leicester Square Lumiere London LumiereLDN LDN Festival Light Lights ThatEmily That Emily Travel Photography UK
Leicester Square

If the Lumiere installations visit a city near you, I would absolutely recommend braving the crowds and weather to enjoy the lights. A free art exhibition along, above, and beside the streets of England’s capital city was too good an opportunity to miss.

Piccadilly Circus London Lumiere LumiereLDN LDN Festival Light ThatEmily That Emily Phone Box Telephone Box Travel Travelling UK
Piccadilly Circus

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