Lush: Boxing Day Haul

The Lush Boxing Day Sale becomes almost legendary throughout December, people whisper about it in the store, no one is 100% sure if it will happen, what products might appear or how long it might last. So come Boxing Day, my Mum and I went for a casual wander into town to take the dog for a walk, grab a coffee and enjoy some fresh air after the stuffy indulgence of Christmas Day. Of course, the sparkling scent of Lush was hard to resist.

Lush is a fairly pricey shop as far as I’m concerned, which means throughout the year it’s definitely a treat. The few products I use on a daily basis are used sparingly and I am very aware of the cost. However, with 50% off, the body lotions, bath bombs and bubble bars all become a far more affordable luxury to enjoy during the remainder of winter!

Lush Christmas Snow Fairy Rose Jam Luxury Pud Skincare ThatEmily That Emily Blog Blogger Emily

One of my favourite new bath bombs for this Christmas was the Yog Nog bath bomb. With the scent of salted caramel and some huge lumps of cocoa butter inside this festive treat, it is the perfect bath bomb to soften the skin and sooth the senses.

The Snow Fairy range is always a favourite in Lush stores. It’s a sweet, candy floss scent, I describe it as what I imagine Strictly Come Dancing would smell like. I picked up a little bottle of Snow Fairy in the sale and was also lucky enough to receive some Snow Fairy shower gel and FUN for Christmas!

Rose Jam shower gel is always super popular so I was surprised to see it still in stores for the Boxing Day Sale, and had to pick one up! I also grabbed some Stardust bath bomb, Butterbear and Dashing Santa.

ThatEmily That Emily Blog lush Cosmetics Celebrate Christingle Products Makeup Beauty Skincare Cruelty Free

Whilst the Lush bath bombs are fun, they are fairly pricey for just one good bath, whereas their skincare range is good value for money as it lasts for ages and appears to work really well with my skin. So I had to grab a big pot of Celebrate body lotion and Christingle body conditioner. Celebrate is one of my all time favourite Lush products with its zingy festive scent and I hope they bring it back next year!

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