December Favourites

As December ends and January 1st 2016 dawns, I thought I’d list my December favourites.

I made the most of some festive Lush goodies in December, and then enjoyed the delights of the Lush Boxing Day Sale. My particular favourites have to be the Salt and Peppermint Bark body scrub, and Celebrate body lotion. They are such invigorating winter scents that you feel cosy and revived all at once!

ThatEmily That Emily Blog lush Cosmetics Celebrate Christingle Products Makeup Beauty Skincare Cruelty Free

For reasons I can’t explain, over the festive period I particularly enjoy listening to film scores. I suspect they provide welcome relief from the upbeat jingles of the typical Christmas songs (which I also love!). So this year I listened to a lot of John Williams, in preparation for the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

And thus, rightly so, Star Wars makes my list of December favourites! After years of hype, a six film legacy and enormous franchise behind it, The Force Awakens had a lot to live up to. Without spoiling it for anyone yet to witness the latest installment of the intergalactic saga, it’s a fun adventure filled with action and wit and nods to the previous films. Of course, I was particularly enamoured with BB-8, who reminded me of a robot version of Boo from Monsters Inc.

Star Wars December Favourites Film Movie Rey Fin ThatEmily That Emily Blog

I was lucky enough to visit the USA at the end of November, and enjoy Thanksgiving and Black Friday in all their glory. I picked up a Yankee Candle for $5, an American Eagle long sleeve top (always a moment of triumph to find long sleeve tops that are actually long enough for me!) for $8 and some wonderful pyjamas from Old Navy for $8! I was pretty chuffed with my bargain buys, and made the most of them throughout December, particularly the candle which has a delicious gingerbread and cinnamon scent!

As a new addition to our furry family, it is only right to include Winnie, the Russian hamster in my December favourites. Winnie is over 6 months old, and had been sat in the pet shop all her life so far and so my heart went out to this tiny hamster and we brought her home in December to enjoy a big cage, filled with tunnels, places to burrow and a cosy place to sleep.

Here’s to everything 2016 has to offer!

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