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When the sun sets at 4pm, and your journey home is lit by twinkling fairy lights and the occasional huge blow up Santa, you know that Christmas is heading your way. Alongside the sincerity, charity and familial nature of Christmas there is that mildly ridiculous edge. The Christmas that allows you to wear huge amounts of sequins, use inordinate amounts of glittery makeup, wear your brightest and most outrageous clothing and embrace the festive period. Otherwise, it would just be another cold, dark and probably rainy December day.

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In that spirit, Tell Tails offers children and adults the perfect accessory to their wacky winter wardrobe. Whether you’re hunting for a quirky Christmas gift, stuck for Secret Santa or have a fancy dress New Year’s Even party to go to, Tell Tails has you covered. Their range of brilliant tails offer you the chance to transform almost any clothes into the perfect fancy dress outfit, and are a great accessory for the fabled Office Christmas Party. The kid’s range offers a whole selection of brilliantly fun presents for any children in your life, transforming their dressing up collection with one accessory! If you’re doing a fun run, or even tackling a more serious running event then what a way to grab some extra attention and possible sponsorship than wearing a tail?

My personal favourites among their collection are the reptile tails. The colours sparkle and brighten my mood, whilst the furry tails look almost terrifyingly realistic. They move with you, swishing behind you to give a comedic, cartoonish realism to your look. The tails are available for children and adults, and with the prices starting at £17 for kids tails, and £20 for adults, they’re the ideal way to transform any outfit into the ideal fancy dress piece for any party, and a brilliant present for any child with an active imagination!

So if you’re looking for a bit of fun this festive season, whether when buying gifts or attending one of the many Christmas or New Year’s Eve parties coming up, why not brighten up your wardrobe with a Tell Tails accessory?

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