Lush invited some bloggers along to experience some of the Lush winter range for 2015, including their incredible Halloween and Christmas products. If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know that Lush is one of the things I really indulge in; their products smell amazing, they work well with my skin and they are a fairly ethically sound company to support. Therefore I was absolutely delighted to receive the email inviting me to Lush Bromley for their winter bloggers event.

Lush Blog Blogger Winter Christmas Bath Bomb ThatEmily That Emily Blogging Bblogger Beauty Skincare Makeup Winter Halloween Bath

Lush always release great seasonal ranges, and by far their most popular products seem to be from the Christmas range. We were treated to some samples and demonstrations of the products which fall into three categories – Halloween, Cosy Christmas and Candy Christmas.

Lush Sparkly Pumpkin Autumn Winter Bubble Bar Halloween ThatEmily That Emily Beauty Blog Blogger Bblogger

I love the warm scents that Autumn and Winter bring with them, and Lush capture these within their products. A lot of the seasonal items are bath related, particularly as this time of year provides the perfect weather to relax in a hot bath on a Sunday evening before heading back to the daily grind! The Halloween range includes the aromatic Lord of Misrule shower gel and bath bomb, which has a warm, spicy and herbal scent which is perfect for a chilly autumnal evening. The Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar is the perfect Halloween treat, with its citrus scent and amazing orange bubbles. Lush’s glitter and lustre is not made from plastic (which doesn’t biodegrade) but rather a synthetic glitter that is not harmful to the environment.

Lush Christmas The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar Bath Skincare ThatEmily That Emily Clove Spice Cinnamon Star Anise Lush Cosmetics Bblogger Beauty Blog

My absolute favourite range of products came under the Cosy Christmas banner, so I’ll do a full write up of these products in the near future! They are filled with spicy festive scents such as cinnamon and clove, making your bathroom smell like Christmas cake and mulled wine. The Magic of Christmas bubble bar (pictured) is filled with cloves, cinnamon and star anise, filling your bath with warming spices. Not too sweet, but perfectly relaxing on a cold night!

Lush is probably best known for the sweet Snow Fairy scents at Christmastime and their Candy Christmas range is filled with those yummy sweet smells. The classic Snow Fairy shower gel is back, which to me smells like Strictly Come Dancing in shower form. It’s complemented by the Candy Mountain bubble bar and the Fairy Dust dusting powder. All of which contain the same sugary smell which perfectly captures the sugar plum fairy in all of us.

Lush Christmas Blog Bloggers Bath Bomb Candy Mountain Snow Fairy ThatEmily That Emily Lush Cosmetics

Check out the other bloggers at the event! 

Fashioneysta, Sherbert London, A Mumma’s Time Out, Xtina G Says & Hollie Would


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