Travel: Sopot, Poland

You may have read my recent blog post on the exciting things I found in Gdnask, Poland. Whilst on this trip, visiting my brother, we spent a fair bit of time in the seaside town of Sopot, about twenty minutes by train away from Gdansk Old Town.

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Sopot is centred around a long main street which runs roughly from the train station to the pier. Then, spread out to the left and right of the pier are the glorious beaches of the Baltic. During the summertime these beaches are full of sunbathers, brave swimmers (the Baltic is cold, but not icy during the summer months) and pop up ice cream and coffee kiosks. You can hire a bike for three hours for less than £5 to head for more isolated beaches, and Sopot’s coastal cycle network is fairly safe as you’re kept off the roads at almost all times.

Food is in abundance in Sopot, with restaurants, street vendors and more casual dining places the length of the main street. When compared with London prices, dining out in Sopot is incredible value, and the variety of food on offer means you can eat out every meal of your trip and not feel guilty! Cafe Ferber offers some delicious breakfasts, with cherry liquor coffee getting your day off to a lively start!

My time in Sopot was largely spent enjoying the food, shops and beaches. If you have ever visited La Rambla in Barcelona then imagine that bustling and energetic street but filled with pierogi rather than tapas. There are stalls selling amber, ceramics and other souvenir type goods including the usual postcards and shot glasses! It’s well worth popping into the local Alma or Lidl to buy tiny bottles of some flavoured vodka, a popular export.

Everyone in Sopot was polite and friendly, offering help where they good and assisting with translation where needed! Everyone, in restaurants and shops greeted us with a cheery “dzień dobry!” and was very patient and helpful as we did our best to place our orders in broken English and appalling Polish pronunciations!

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The tourist board projects an image that “Sopot Never Sleeps”, which really captures how full of energy this town feels. I’m always one to judge a place on the dubious concept of ‘atmosphere’, and Sopot didn’t disappoint. If you wanted to enjoy organic vegan food, followed by a cycle along the coast you could easily do so, if you wanted an all night fiesta in the local Mexican restaurant then Sopot did not disappoint! We loved the cosy Blue Pudel on the main street, which served great value food alongside some delicious Polish beers, and of course vodka!

Well worth a visit in the spring and summertime, Sopot is a beautiful and friendly town which blew away my expectations of a Polish seaside resort! I look forward to returning in the winter and experiencing Christmas on the Baltic coast!


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