Lush: Cup O’ Coffee Face Mask

Lush has been rolling out some of the Oxford Street Exclusive products in the regional stores so when I visited my local Lush I had to try out some of the newbies on the shelves! My first pick was the face mask Cup O’ Coffee which promised to exfoliate and rejuvenate my skin which sounds perfect as we head toward dark, autumnal mornings.

Lush Coffee Mask Face Mask Skincare Skin Cruelty Free Animal Testing Cosmetics

This mask is not one of the Fresh Face Mask range which means you get a little more bang for your buck, it lasts a fair bit longer, and doesn’t require refrigeration. The scent of Cup O’ Coffee is by far my favourite aspect, as it has that gorgeous bitter coffee scent which instantly gives you a placebo caffeine buzz. The mask itself has a thick, slightly gritty consistency, which means when you wash it off you’re instantly exfoliating your newly nourished skin.

I found the mask really helped smooth my skin, and the smell transported me from the bath to a coffee shop somewhere in Europe as I enjoyed my morning cappuccino and read the local news. How continental. Being a Lush product, this face mask is cruelty free which means you can soak in the bath with this mask on, completely guilt free. That is unless you have some washing to do or an essay to write.

A fun, rejuvenating and wonderfully scented mask (assuming you like coffee) the Cup O’ Coffee mask is the perfect pick me up on a brisk, autumnal Saturday morning! This mask is priced at £6.50 for 150g.



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