What’s In My Wimbledon Bag?

I love Wimbledon. I love the unpredictable weather, the long queue, the cheers and roars of support for the underdog and the relentlessly positive attitude of the crowds no matter what. This year was my fourth joining the longest queue in SW19, so I thought I’d share with any other budding Wimbledon fans what I take with me to the All England Club! You can watch my video on Wimbledon here!


This year I was lucky enough to be heading to Wimbledon on a scorcher of a day, so a pair of sunglasses and sun protection were vital to avoid getting burnt. Particularly when you’re in The Queue there isn’t a lot of shade to shelter in, so a hat, sunnies and some SPF to slap on will do the trick. If the weather doesn’t look so cheerful on the day you’re off to Wimbledon then a brolly and/or a poncho is necessary! I always take a poncho to Wimbledon, as they’re a great picnic blanket when the sun is shining!

IMG_3263When you’re sat in the queue for hours and hours, it’s important to stay entertained! Alongside chatting to my friends, and new ones I’ve made in the queue, I like to listen to music, read a magazine and make notes for my blog! I also take plenty of water and snacks to keep my energy up, as the 4am start really makes me hungry!

Finally, of course, it’s Wimbledon, you have to take your camera! It’s the perfect place to get some amazing shots of the tennis and I love taking my Fujifilm camera as it was fairly inexpensive and in daylight takes great photos! Remember you’re only allowed ONE bag into the grounds at Wimbledon so pack light as you’ll be carrying it around with you all day! Picnic blankets can normally be purchased with a newspaper whilst in the queue – this year we got a paper, sunglasses, tote bag and picnic blanket for £5 which definitely does the trick! You’ll have to purchase your ticket in cash, so make sure you have the right amount on you and prepare yourself for the food and drink inside the grounds to be pretty expensive!



Once you have enjoyed your Wimbledon treats, including a cheeky Pimms of course, you might feel a little indulgent next to the super sporty players you’re surrounded by so knowing how to work of your Wimbledon favourites is important!

Infographic provided by CityBase Apartments

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