LUSH: Summer Skin

As a heatwave slowly melts Britain this week I thought it was the ideal time to share with you some of my favourite summer skincare products! Some for the bath, some makeup and all for those sunny summer days when you just don’t want to be inside.

I have fair skin, freckles and all, so I always need a decent SPF product on during the summer. In terms of sun cream I stick with the classic Soltan from Boots, and for my face I use Carmex lip balm with SPF and the Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser which is SPF 30. This is an expensive product that I was lucky enough to receive at a Lush bloggers event!

Lush, ThatEmily, That Emily BBlog Million Dollar Moisturiser Lush Cosmetics SPF Sun Summer Skincare Beauty Makeup Protection Tan Tanning

I also love using sea salt during the summer months wherever I can, as it reminds me of holidays and the beach, so I absolutely love Ocean Salt from Lush and their Oxford Street Exclusive product, Life’s A Beach. This is a body scrub that comes in a box, and reminds me a lot of old fashioned washing powder cartons. It smells absolutely beautiful, fresh and summery with a hint of vanilla sweetness and is a great scrub for this time of year!

Lush Life's A Beach Beach Salt Sand Scrub ThatEmily That Emily Beauty Skincare Lush Cosmetics Bblog Body Scrub


Throughout the summer I love the Sun perfume from Lush, which smells almost exactly like an Old Fashioned cocktail – a mix of orange and spice which is delicious. It’s sweet and citrus scented, but not overpowering. Perfect for a light perfume on  a sunny day!

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