Alice’s Adventures Underground: Review

Deep beneath Waterloo Station in London a whole menagerie of characters spend their days showing unsuspecting audience members around the back streets of Wonderland in Alice’s Adventures Underground. This pieces of immersive theatre takes place in after Alice’s Adventures – and we are inducted into the world of Wonderland by our card guides.

For my experience at Alice’s Adventure’s Underground, I was a Heart (having followed the Eat Me route). You can, of course, be a Club, Spade, or Diamond as well. So my review is based on the path that the heart suit takes, and you may experience something completely different in a different suit! I would absolutely love to return to Alice Underground to try out the Drink Me route, and see how that goes!

I don’t want to give away too much about Wonderland – the magic of it is the surprises and twists and turns. This 90 minute show (no interval) is fast paced, with a welcome break about two thirds of the way through where the Hearts witnessed the incredibly beautiful music of The Mock Turtle. This was by far my favourite moment of the entire experience – his music was absolutely enchanting, and accompanied by the heavy humidity and cavernous echo of the room he was in meant I was utterly transported to another world for the five minutes or so we were in his company. I would happily see The Mock Turtle perform his own melancholy music over and over again.

The cast of Alice’s Adventures Underground face some of the most challenging scenarios for an actor – as they must maintain character, interact with their unpredictable audiences and keep to the strict time constraints to ensure the plot keeps moving. Those who guide you through your narrative, ours was Number 8, have the most pressure on them to keep you involved in the plot and get you to engage with all the characters. Meeting the White Rabbit and March Hare, along with many other characters we all know so well from Alice In Wonderland and Alice Through The Looking Glass, is like seeing my childhood daydreams come to life.

Alice's Adventures Underground Theatre Theater Play Drama London Waterloo ThatEmily Suit heart Hearts Queen

The entire experience of Alice’s Adventures Underground was magical and it felt like an honour to be part of the action, connecting with these iconic characters in the underground of London. Following the climax of the show, you’re led to the on site bar, where you can order drinks, food and party until the cows come home, should you wish. There’s also a gif Photo Booth in the bar, where you can make some ridiculous gifs of you, your friends and the characters from Wonderland! So take yourself down to Alice’s Adventures Underground, and experience theatre in a way that stays with you for hours afterward, so grab your tickets now!


3 thoughts on “Alice’s Adventures Underground: Review

  1. This sounds like a fun tour. I love taking underground tours of cities. I haven’t been in London for sometime, but I will put it on my ‘to do’ list.

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