LUSH: Million Dollar Moisturiser

If you’re planning a summer break, or like enjoying the few days of sunshine the UK gets to the max, then a good form of sun protection for your skin is important. Whether you can take the sun, or your skin is fair and freckly like mine, a good SPF product is a must in any summer (or winter!) skincare routine. Lush, Million Dollar Moisturiser, Lush Skincare, Lush Cosmetics, That Emily, Beach, ThatEmily, Travel, Skin, Sun Protection, Sun, Summer, Coast, SPF, Beauty, Makeup, Cruelty FreeYou all know just how much I love Lush right now. Aside from the fun products like bath bombs and bath melts, it’s proving to be a great high street store for me to transition to products not tested on animals. So their SPF range is a great cruelty free option for sun protection this summer! Following the Lush Summer Bloggers event I was allowed to choose three products to take home and try out for myself, and from the Beach Break collection I selected the Million Dollar Moisturiser. This SPF 30 product has worked really well for me as a facial sun protector. I have fair skin which soon blossoms with freckles come April, and I am also conscious of controlling the excess oil on my face that can cause acne and blackheads. A lot of sun products, particularly those for the face, are quite oily in consistency and I’m put off by the texture, however the Million Dollar Moisturiser has a thick, body butter like texture and, as with all Lush products, does not require as much of it as you’d think. The light shimmer in Million Dollar Moisturiser means that on a good skin day I didn’t need to use foundation as well, which made my morning skin routine much easier! Lush, Lush Cosmetics, Million Dollar Moisturiser, Moisturiser, SPF, Sun, Sunny, Sun Protection, Summer, Cruelty Free, That Emily, ThatEmily, Travel, Beach, Sand As a sun protector I found the Million Dollar Moisturiser to be very effective, I applied it each morning and then reapplied every couple of hours and despite burning very easily normally I simply gained a few new freckles and a very light tan! My favourite aspect of it is the scent; you simply open up the tub, take a whiff and suddenly you’re transported to a tropical beach somewhere. Perfect for even the rainiest of London days! Whilst Million Dollar Moisturiser is on the pricier end of the scale, even at Lush, it is absolutely a product I would consider purchasing again. It has worked well with my skin and provided a good level of protection against the sun!

Ralphie, ShihTzu, Shih Tzu, Dog, Puppy, Animal, Beach, Summer, Sun, ThatEmily, That Emily
Making the most of the Million Dollar Moisturiser with Ralphie on the beach!

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