A Brew With A View: Afternoon Tea at The Shard

Afternoon Tea in London is very in fashion right now. Whether you’re at The Ritz, or indulging in the Rock ‘N’ Roll afternoon tea at W Leicester Square, you can sip a sophisticated cuppa at any number of London’s hotels and restaurants. The tallest building in London, The Shard, now also offers customers afternoon tea at the Aqua Shard restaurant. A tea, about halfway up the impressive building, offering views of the sprawling city below you and a selection of cakes a sandwiches that will leave you swooning.

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If you’re anything like me, a cup of tea of an afternoon is the perfect way to unwind a little, and can only be made better when surrounded by friends, fantastic food and views across London. Afternoon Tea at the Aqua Shard is the perfect way to see the city, without risking the rain and inevitable blisters that come from walking around London’s busy and winding streets.

The staff of Aqua Shard are as attentive, friendly and professional as you could hope from such an establishment. They were more than happy for guests to take photos of the experience, and also offered to take some of themselves. The perfect combination of being friendly and approachable whilst maintaining a level of formality to ensure guests’ visits are a high quality experience.

The Shard, Aqua Shard, Cake, Baking, London, View, Afternoon Tea, That Emily, ThatEmily, Tourism, Travel, UK, Europe

The cakes offered with afternoon tea are adorable to say the least, and the specially designed Shard cakes made the event all the more special. Champagne is available for an additional price, to make your afternoon tea really go with a bang!

Aqua Shard, The Shard, London, Champagne, Tourism, Wine, Glass, View, UK, Travel, That Emily, ThatEmily

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