LUSH: Summer In The City

The lovely staff of Lush Bromley invited some bloggers along to their summer event, during which they talked us through some of their favourite Lush products for different types of holiday. I’ll post a few write ups of the event over the next few days! First on the agenda is city breaks. Whilst you soak up the culture of a fascinating European city, you often find yourself soaking up the car fumes, cigarette smoke and sweat of passers by. Delightful. So Lush have some products they suggest you pack in your suitcase as you jet off to ensure you start and end each day feeling fresh. Lush, Lush Summer, Lush Cosmetics, City Break, Cosmetics, Bath, Skincare, Cruelty Free,If you’ve read much of my blog you’ll know I love a good city break. It’s not always the most relaxing holiday but a few days pottering around museums, taking in the sights and eating the riskiest street food I can find is a great way to see a the world, a bit at a time. However, whole days on your feet (Rome, I’m looking at you) can take its toll and therefore I was particularly interested in Volcano and Stepping Stone included in the city break selection. I’ll be honest, a long day walking over cobbles has sometimes left me with feet I can barely bring myself to look at, so these Lush products could be the answer to my prayers! Lush, Volano, Scrub, Foot Scrub, Skincare, Cruelty Free, Cosmetics, Lush Bromley, Summer, Feet, Foot

The great thing about the Volcano foot mask in particular is how when you first apply it to the skin it has a very soft and thick consistency but after being left to harden a little you really feed the effect of the gentle abrasion of the pumice stone. Perfect for tired toes!

If you’re spending any time outside in the summer then it’s important to slap on some SPF and Lush has a great range of SPF products. For the city break section we were recommended Sesame Suntan Lotion which has an SPF of 10, meaning it will protect your skin for ten times longer than it’s natural protection. Whilst in the city you’ll probably be dashing in and out of buildings, and there’s likely to be shade, so a lower SPF reapplied regularly should do the trick. However, if you know you’re prone to burning, as I am, then maybe still take a Factor 30 somewhere in your suitcase to be on the safe side! However, Sesame Suntan Lotion smells incredible and frankly I would have assumed it was a food based on scent alone.

We were also recommended Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner as a great way to keep your skin hydrated whilst away, and Grass shower gel to keep you perky with that fresh spring scent! I’ll do a full blog post on Ro’s Argan next week!Lush, Soap, Lush Bromley, Lush Cosmetics, Cruelty Free, Cosmetics, Skincare,

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