All About That Buzz – Going Caffeine Free

This blog post is a little out of the ordinary for me, so bear with me!

Troy and Abed Community Mug Tea Decaf ThatEmily That Emily Tesco Blog Lifestyle Health CaffeineFor three totally separate reasons, each member of my household has decided to cut back on their caffeine intake. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t chugging twelve cups of black coffee a day, probably only one in the morning and a couple of cups of tea in the afternoon. However, now I focus on keeping my caffeine intake to a minimum so I thought I’d share my favourite low caffeine and caffeine free drinks!

Decaf Tea Teas Tesco Tetley Clippers ThatEmily That Emily Blog Blogger Lifestyle Health Drinks Drink Tea

The Great British staple. No afternoon is complete without a cup of tea and a chocolate digestive. Or coming home from a long, muddy dog walk and putting the kettle on and having a lovely warm tea with a friend. Therefore when it came to cutting out good old English Breakfast tea I had to find some tasty alternatives.

In terms of your standard builder’s tea, my favourite decaf variety is actually one of the cheapest on the market  – Tesco Decaf Tea. It’s £1.50 for 80 teabags, makes lovely tea that can be as strong or as weak as you like and tastes great. My alternative teas include Redbush which is probably my top tea pick now. I love the refreshing yet warming flavour, and as it’s naturally caffeine free you know it hasn’t had to go through any awkward processes to make it decaf! I also love decaf Green Tea, the Clippers variety tastes like a completely different product to anything else I’ve tried and I LOVE it. Another tea favourite is the good old Peppermint Tea. If you’re ever in Pizza Express make sure you order their Fresh Mint Tea, it is the best thing on their menu in my humble opinion. Stuff the pizza.

Coffee Decaf Monmouth Coffee Company THatEmily That Emily Carte Noire Coffee

Once you enjoy the taste and aroma of coffee it’s hard to kick the habit. The smell wafting up through the house, and the bitter taste as you sit in a coffee shop with a friend and the buzz that a strong cup of joe can give you is undeniable. Therefore, when you’re buying a decaf coffee only the best will do! If you’re feeling indulgent then the Monmouth Coffee Company based in Borough Market, London do a truly excellent decaf ground coffee. It makes stunning espresso that smells absolutely incredible. We keep our ground coffee in the fridge, so every time I open the door I am overwhelmed by the scent. In terms of an instant coffee option the Carte Noire decaf is great, and makes lovely strong and mellow coffee.

Decaf Hot Drinks Cocoa Hot Chocolate Chai Latte Tea ThatEmily That Emily Lifestyle Health Blog Blogger Cadbury

And The Rest…

If you’re anything like me then a warm milky drink on a cold evening does the trick nicely. If I’m feeling particularly indulgent (and hungry) I’ll make a proper cup of cocoa with hot milk and everything, although generally I like chai latte and instant hot chocolate made with a dash of milk and boiling water.

So if you’re thinking of cutting out the caffeine, for health, a challenge or an experiment then I hope this post has been of help!

3 thoughts on “All About That Buzz – Going Caffeine Free

    1. I’ve tried some loose leaf tea and absolutely loved it. I actually found a great one once that was rooibos tea infused with earl grey oil and that tasted delicious! Very expensive though!

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