Animal Blood Donors

When you think about it, the fact that dogs and cats need to donate blood, is obvious.

You may remember my recent blog post on my shih tzu, Ralphie, and the treatment he has received for an illness relating to his blood. After I posted that, the RVC, where he received his treatment, got in touch to share some information about the dog whose blood was donated to Ralphie. This hero dog is Dolly.  The RVC told me this about her:

Dolly is a huge beautiful girl who always falls asleep during her donations – and sometimes even starts dream running and barking during them! She is owned by Anna one of our patient care assistants who rescued her from the RSPCA – she is a fabulous dog and a real favourite of the blood donor programme, she and Anna are very happy they helped Ralphie.

Dolly’s donation was split into two small units/bags for Ralphie as he is so small and then he could receive them over a couple of days.

Dolly Pet ThatEmily Dog Puppy Dog RVC Vet Blood Donor


After hearing about Dolly, and being so grateful to her for donating blood I was keen to hear more about those hero dogs and cats whose blood donations have saved the lives of sick pups like mine.

Dog Cat Puppy Cute Animal ThatEmily RVC Blood Donor
Bailey, Dicky, Muffin and Romeo

Above are the adorable faces of Bailey, Dicky, Muffin and Romeo, all of whom have donated blood at the RVC at some point in the last few years. All of these lovely pets, and their owners play a huge part in saving the lives of many other animals. According to the owners, the animals are given a full health check before donating blood, they receive excellent care for the RVC’s blood donor nurses and are kept comfortable throughout the blood donation process.

In order to be considered as a dog blood donor, your dog should fit the following requirements:

  • Be between one and seven years old
  • Weigh more than 25kg
  • Have not received a blood transfusion
  • Be healthy and not on medication
  • Have yearly vaccinations and regular worming and flea treatment
  • Be easy to handle
  • Have not travelled abroad

To find out more, please visit the RVC website. A huge thank you to Dolly, and all the other animals who have donated blood at the RVC.

6 thoughts on “Animal Blood Donors

    1. Definitely look into it! It’s an absolutely great cause and I’ve heard from several dog owners that it’s a painless procedure and they get spoilt rotten!!!

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