Travel Tuesday: California Cravings

I have no doubt in how fortunate I was in my childhood to be able to visit California as many times as we did. Some close family friends of ours moved out there, and through their constant generosity and the hard work of my parents we were able to fly out and stay with them regularly and affordably, meaning California was, and is, a huge part of who I am, what I love and the way I think. Luckily, through sites like STA Travel I’m still able to afford flights to visit this amazing state and my lovely friends!

sunny southern california travel blog palm tree usa sunshine ThatEmily Emily Laguna
Laguna Beach

Things I miss:

1 – The Sunshine. There’s no doubt about it, there’s nothing quite like the Southern Californian sunshine to keep your mood bright and cheery. The stupidly tall palm trees, the smell of hot rubber in the huge parking lots and the warmth that come along with the sun are all a genuine delight to my senses.

2 – The Food. I’m a massive fan of the food in California. Whether that’s a greasy In’n’Out Burger or a veggie burrito from Baja Fresh. There are SO many options for food and drink that I couldn’t possibly try them all. Juice it Up or Jamba Juice? Red Robin or Ruby’s? All of these important decisions need to be made! Plus, CANDY. I am not even 100% sure if I like most American candy but when in Rome as they say! Red vines in coke used to be my weakness. I will ALWAYS make time for a Denny’s breakfast, no matter how busy my schedule is.

Denny's Dennys Travel Travelblog ThatEmily blog blogger food usa california
A much needed Denny’s breakfast

3 – Disneyland. Of course. No other Disney park can match up to Disneyland California for me. I’ve loved it since I was a kid and perhaps love it even more now. The rides, the characters, the lay out, the sunshine and the parades just add together to make me happy. Plus, Disney pins are a serious love of mine.

Disney Disneyland Castle Princess California Disneyworld Cinderella Blog Blogger Travel Blog ThatEmily
Cinderella’s Castle!

4- Friends. Over the years I’ve made so many friends in Southern California. Some have stayed around that area, others have moved away but nevertheless it’s great to have familiar faces to go back to.

5 – The Beaches. There’s something different about a beach in California. It’s obviously not a grey and windy as one in the UK and not quite so tranquil as one in Greece. Beaches feel like proper, functioning towns, whether you’re at Laguna or Long Beach you can pop to the shops, get some dinner, witness some cheerleaders practicing and generally feel like you fit right in.

6 – THE SHOPS. Oh my oh my. In California the clothes actually fit me. Long legs are catered for and the prices are affordable. It’s summer almost all year so I find myself buying the craziest summer clothing that I would never dare wear in the UK and I LOVE it. Plus, who doesn’t love a late night Target run to buy all the weird dollar section stuff?

Santa Monica Sunset California USA Travel Blog Blogger ThatEmily
Santa Monica at Sunset

So, California, this is my love letter to you. I hope to visit you again soon, to eat your food, giggle with your friends, bask on your beaches and dance in Disneyland. Until then, my favourite American State, I will miss you!

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