Peter Pan Goes Wrong: Review

Last night I ventured to The Churchill Theatre to see Peter Pan Goes Wrong. My attendance was a result of two things – first, I had seen The Play That Goes Wrong a few months ago on its first night in the West End and absolutely loved it, and second, a school friend of mine is in the show as Lucy/Tootles. So I was an enthusiastic audience member from the start.

Peter Pan Goes Wrong Review
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If you’ve seen The Play That Goes Wrong you’ll know roughly what to expect as you walk into the theatre. The auditorium is crawling with cast and ‘backstage’ crew wearing their obligatory Peter Pan tshirts and getting themselves into flaps about various missing items. A rousing chorus of Happy Birthday is sung by all (audience included) for an unfortunately placed man in the front row and even before the curtain officially goes up the audience has relaxed into a giggly mess.

Peter Pan is to be performed as a Christmas Vignette by the charming but disastrous Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society whose haphazard sets, amorous leading men and fragile egos result in fast paced hilarious evening of theatre. Although don’t laugh at Captain Hook. I’ve warned you.

The jokes are fresh and hilarious, the audience were absolutely screaming with joy at points and getting perhaps a little too involved in the show but the cast carried on, never once cracking a smile which must be the hardest part when you’re surrounded by several hundred people in fits of giggles. If you’ve ever been part of a drama society or amateur theatre group you’ll recognise the tropes that appear in Cornley Polytechnic which only adds to the fun of this show. Underneath the slapstick is a really heartfelt and lovely show, which even has its own adorable ending.

If I say any more I’ll give the jokes away, so I’ll leave it up to the team from Mischief Theatre to tell them best. The tour continues until July 2015 so you’ve got no excuse!

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