Cruelty Free: Lush – D’Fluff

My mission to change all my products to ones not tested on animals is ongoing, and as I reach the end of any existing products I am trying to replace them with affordable, cruelty free alternatives. Whilst there are definitely cruelty free products available, the choice is worryingly limited and often these come at a premium price.

Lush D'Fluff Shaving Soap Cruelty Free Shave Strawberry Pink

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve converted to Lush’s D’Fluff shaving soap, rather than my usual own brand shaving foam. I know, we’re not supposed to admit the nitty gritty things we do like shave our legs and armpits and if we don’t do it we’re somehow cave women, but anyway, I digress. D’Fluff is a delicately sweet scented (strawberry to be precise) shaving soap. At £5.75 per pot it’s a little more than I would usually spend on shaving foam but it’s not completely out of my budget. However, I do find myself using these slightly pricier products more carefully than I did with my 99p shaving foam.


The pot is 70g, and if used sparingly could last you quite a while. The soap is very moisturising and therefore I’ve found myself not using a whole lot each time I shave. My razor glides smoothly through D’Fluff and my legs are smoothy smooth afterward. Lovely. My skin has previously flared up after shaving but D’Fluff seems to keep that under control. The light strawberry fragrance leaves my newly bald legs smelling lovely, although I don’t often sniff my legs so I can’t tell really what they smelled like before.

Of course at this time of the year leg shaving is a rare occurrence (I mean I need that extra layer of hair for warmth) so this pot is lasting me ages. However, I fully plan on repurchasing D’Fluff when this pot runs out. Top marks Lush!

PS – shave your legs, don’t shave your legs, nobody needs to care about it but you.


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