Book Review: Hiraeth

Author Liz Riley Jones got in touch with me about her new novel, Hiraeth, part of a trilogy Celtic fantasy novels. I was so keen to read this book as the synopsis really appealed to that part of me that still loves being wrapped up in a world of myth, monsters and mystery.

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Hiraeth follows Mona, a troubled orphan who flees what little was left of her life to join a community in Ynys Môn, She begins to understand her druidic ancestry, and starts to become involves in an almost parallel world existing in contemporary Wales. As Mona is branded with the “mark” she discovers, and unleashes a mysterious power.

Liz Riley Jones clearly has a deep understanding of the Celtic mythology she draws on within Hiraeth. The passion for these legends is clear, and throughout the novel and with the maps provided I became enthralled by this world that Jones created.

The action is fast paced and the plot barely sits still for a second, which makes this an engaged read full of exciting and interesting characters. Cai, a warrior, becomes the centre of sexual tension in the novel and adds an element of romance to this otherwise fantasy action adventure. Hiraeth is a great novel to get stuck into, with a similar tone to the His Dark Materials trilogy and Divergent.

You can buy Hiraeth on Amazon HERE

You can follow author Liz Riley Jones on Twitter HERE

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy of this novel to review, objectively, for this blog.

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